Monday, November 23, 2009

Maze Artist Yonatan Frimer completes maze portrait of Madonna

Maze Artist Yonatan Frimer

Maze Artist Yonatan Frimer

completes maze portrait of Madonna

completes maze portrait of Madonna


Tel Aviv, Israel - World renown maze artist Yonatan Frimer has completed a striking portrait of the musician song writer Madonna (Madonna Ciccone) for an undisclosed sum. While this is by far not the first portrait created for the London based pop-diva, it is indeed the first maze created of her likeness.

"I am actually a huge
fan of Madonna and was very excited to do this project", says Frimer, "I was even a fan of her music back in the 80's before she was as huge of a celebrity as she is now"

Frimer lives in Safed, a small hill top town in northern Israel where Madonna owns a quaint house in addition to her various other mansions around the globe. Safed is known for its spirituality and is a world hub for Kaballah, a religious practice that Madonna is famous for promoting. "I guess you can say Ms. Ciccone (Madonna) is my neighbor", jokes Frimer.

This is not the first high-profile work created by Frimer. Earlier this year, he created several mazes of captured Israeli solider Gilad Shalit and is rumored to be working on portraits of Lady Gaga and Lily Allen

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