Monday, November 16, 2009

Maze Cartoon: Team Of Monkyes On a Microscope.

Team Of Monkeys Maze Cartoon - Microscope.
maze of a team of monkeys cartoon using a microscope
Team Of Monkeys Maze Cartoon - Microscope.

A Word From The Artist
About This Maze, By Yonatan Frimer:
I got my first microscope when I was a young child, right after I started drawing mazes. It was a toy microscope, but still let me see the individual cells in my hair, and had a few cool slides that where well worth checking out. I thought about that microscope when I drew this maze.

Its really simple to use a microscope, as this maze cartoon hints, it can be done by a team of monkeys.

The maze has a series of orbits and vanishing points to give an optical illusion and a bit more eye cathing. To solve just find the entrance and exit arrows and the path connecting them from there. This maze takes about 45-60 seconds to solve for the average person.
-Yonatan Frimer

For more mazes like these and the ones bellow, visit Team Of Monkeys .com or Ink Blot Mazes . com

maze of a team of monkeys operating a microscope

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